Assistant Professor

Mathematical modeling of stochastic systems with an emphasis on statistical and decision analysis as applied to health care, manufacturing and other service environments.
Engineering Applications of Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes
Decision Analysis in Health Care
Quality Engineering and Management
Zhang, S., and Ivy, J., Analytic Modeling of Breast Cancer Spontaneous Regression. In Proceedings of the 2012 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Orlando, FL, 2012.
Zhang, S., Payton, F., and Ivy, J., Understanding the Role of Mental Disorders on HIV Patient Outcomes. In Proceedings of the 6th INFORMS Workshop on Data Mining and Health Informatics, Charlotte, NC, November 2011.
Zhang, S., Ivy, J., Payton, F., and Diehl, K., Modeling the Impact of Comorbidity on Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes. Health Care Management Science 2010; 13:137-54.
Zhang, S., Ivy, J., and Diehl, K., Understanding the Risks of Progressive Disease, Poster Presentation, Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2010.
Zhang, S., Payton, F., and Ivy, J., Characterizing the Role of Mental Disorder in Comorbid HIV Patient Outcomes. Under review. IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering.
B.M., Management Science, Fudan University
M.I.E., Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University