Dr. Rossetti’s research is focused on the design, analysis and optimization of transportation, inventory, healthcare and manufacturing systems, using stochastic modeling, computer simulation, information systems and heuristic modeling techniques. He teaches courses in the areas of probability modeling, discrete event simulation, object-oriented and database systems, transportation/logistics modeling, and inventory modeling. He serves as the Director of the Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution (CELDi) Dr. Rossetti joined the faculty in 1999.
My research interests include the design, analysis, and optimization of logistics, manufacturing, health care, and transportation systems using computer simulation and operations research techniques. I strive to develop new methods and techniques that can be applied within industrial engineering practice. I do this by identifying and solving problems within these fields that require such techniques as simulation, statistics, probability, optimization, and software development. These problems are of strategic and fundamental importance and require a long-term perspective for developing viable solutions.
I support the synergy between research and teaching through the use of active and collaborative teaching methods within my courses. These methods actively engage students in the learning process and are proven to provide an enhanced learning experience. Also, I believe that active engagement is a key for fostering a research mentality. I am committed to improving engineering education by developing, using, and disseminating innovative teaching methods.
Graduate Courses:
Advanced Data Processing Systems Engineering (INEG 510)
Systems Simulation (INEG 5823)
Advanced Simulation (INEG 6823)
Analysis of Inventory Systems (INEG 5623)
Transportation and Logistics (INEG 5533)

Undergraduate Courses:
Principles of Industrial Engineering (INEG 1103)
Engineering Statistics (INEG 3313)
Data Processing Systems Engineering (INEG 3833)
Transportation and Logistics (INEG 4633)
Introduction to Simulation (INEG 4623)

My courses can be found within the UA Blackboard system.
B.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Cincinnati
M.S., Industrial & Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University
Ph.D., Industrial & Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University