Assistant Professor

Dr. Kelly Sullivan's research interests center on the design of critical systems whose disruption poses a threat to homeland security. His work focuses on advancing relevant knowledge in the areas of network optimization, interdiction, reliability, and integer programming.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida in 2012. He teaches courses in network optimization, operations research, and probability and statistics
Network Optimization and Interdiction Integer Programming
Large-Scale Optimization
Robust Optimization
Defense Applications
Optimization in Sports
Sullivan, K.M., J.C. Smith, and D.P. Morton. Convex Hull Representation of the Deterministic Bipartite Network Interdiction Problem. Mathematical Programming, 145(1-2), 349-376, 2014.
Sullivan, K.M., D.P. Morton, F. Pan, and J.C. Smith. Securing a Border Under Asymmetric Information. Naval Research Logistics, 61(2), 91--100, 2014.
Sullivan, K.M. and J.C. Smith. Exact Algorithms for Solving a Euclidean Maximum Flow Network Interdiction Problem. Networks, 64(2), 109-124, 2014. (Winner of the 2014 Glover-Klingman Prize awarded to the best paper published in Networks.)
Sullivan, K.M., D.T. Abdul-Malak, J.P. Kharoufeh, and R.O. Baldwin. Optimally Locating Application Virtualization Resources on a Network. Military Operations Research, 20(1):5-20, 2015.
Sullivan, K.M. Mixed-Integer Linear Models for Reliable System Design. Under revision.
Magagnotti, M., K.M. Sullivan, and S.J. Mason. Improving Supply Chain Robustness through Acquisition: A Multi-Objective Approach. Submitted.
2014 Glover-Klingman Prize (best paper published in Networks)
B.S. Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas (December 2006)
M.S. Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas (August 2008)
Ph.D. Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida (August 2012)