LRIM 6.5

The Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics (CIHL) at the University of Arkansas has been engaged with a number of industry partners and provider sites over the past two years in a Data Standards implementation project to understand the costs, barriers and opportunities providers can expect in GS1 standards adoption.

CIHL is pleased to announce release of an update to its Levels, Requirements, and Impacts Model (LRIM) for GS1 standards adoption. LRIM is designed to provide a user-friendly (Microsoft Excel-based) spreadsheet tool helping providers meet their need to quantify the investments and benefits they can expect from GS1 adoption choices. The model provides detailed quantitative foundations on which those economic assessments can be constructed for particular provider settings.

The newest version, LRIM 6.5, adds treatment of CATH LAB and OR products to previously modeled materials management and administrative processes for MED/SURG items. Also, a newly designed Dashboard allows users to enter data at an aggregate level and instantly observe the investment requirements and impacts that result. LRIM 6.5 also enables users to save and compare results from different GS1 Standards implementation scenarios.

To obtain the updated LRIM tool and the associated User Guide please register using the form below.

Terms and Conditions:

The copyright of Level Requirements Impact Model Software shall be solely owned by and remain with the Center of Innovation in Healthcare Logistics, University of Arkansas.

The Center grants the user of this software non-transferable and non-assignable right to use the software at no cost to facilitate their consideration of GS1 standards adoption, but shall not have the right to commercialize and sell or modify the software.

The Center accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided by the software.

The excel file is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and above.

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